What is a Book Exchange Anyway?

Firstly, all of our books are for sale: Take them home, read them, love them, keep them forever!

Books Purchased Here: If you would like to exchange a book that you previously purchased here we'll take it back and in return you'll receive a store credit to go towards your next great read.

Book Donations: We are always happy to accept book donations, in fact community donations play a big part in keeping our little piece of the Gold Coast alive! 

Other Books: Want to exchange those books that have been sitting on your shelf for years? Bring them in and we'll asses them for a store credit based on stock levels, condition, demand, and availability.

Please Note: Sometimes we have too many books (Actually you can't have too many books, but we do occasionally run out of space) so if you have a large quantity of books to bring in please give us a call first on (07)5572 6039 to make sure we have room.